By Sandrea:- My Opinion

The latest transport racist rant has again highlighted the fact that the British transportation system be it the buses, trains, trams or underground (tube)  used by millions of commuters every day for work business or pleasure, is being used by some individuals to spout racial abuse of others.

Commuters using the services are doing so hoping that their journeys will be uneventful and they will arrive at their destination safely.  However, there is a disease which has been plaguing the transportation system and it is not mechanical, strikes, or anything electronic it is passengers who for reasons best know to them undertake racist rants against other passengers.

In the last eight months there have been several incidents , arrest and convictions of individuals that believe it is acceptable to hurl racist abuse at other people, some have been heard telling black commuters to “go back where they come from”, at blacks that are born in the UK.  This is not only aimed at blacks and other minority groups, equally the same rant is aimed at  ‘whites’ commuters.   While their counter productive behaviour may be entertaining to some the majority finds it offensive, rude and crass.

Why would one set themselves up to obtain a criminal a record as these racist rants on public transportation are against the law they can be arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated public order (Section 4a contrary to Section 31 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998).

I am a staunch believer in freedom of speech and believe it is vital in a free society to be able to voice ones views and opinions but with this freedom comes responsibility and that entails not using the  public transportation system to racially abuse other passengers, making their journeys uncomfortable.

These individuals allow the world to see  not only their ignorance but their actions are stupid and pathetic they also make themselves out to unintelligent and backward.