The police shooting of two Black men, one in Minnesota and the other in Louisiana, apparently sparked such fury among the Black community that at a demonstration protesting the death of these two black men, five police officers were gunned down.

According to media sources 102 black people were killed by police officers in 2015.   1 in 3 people killed by police officers were identified as being unharmed.  The most fundamental aspect of all that information is the fact that of the 102 black people killed, only 10 out of the 102 cases resulted in officers being charged and only 2 officers were convicted.

The manner in which police officers, in particular in the United States treat black so-called suspects are completely different from the way in which they treat Whites.  Yet it is the Whites who arm themselves with AR – 15 assault rifle and murder hundreds of people, whether it is in a Cinema, or at a so-called Gay bar.

Somehow I, personally, believe that US police officers forget that we are living in the 21St Century and most individuals have a smart phone and therefore their conduct is more closely monitored now more than ever.  Every time they step out of line they are caught on camera and stream on social media.

Although, I cannot condone the actions of these people I believe the reason that these individual took the law in their own hands it because of the unjust way in which, when their friends, brothers, sisters or family members are killed by police officer there never seems to be effective investigation or conviction and it make it appear that black lives are worthless and can be taken as a matter of course.

Do we as black people feel gladden by the fact that snipers have taken the lives of five officers, of course not.  But black families have been mourning the loss of their children killed by police officers for as long as we can remember. So although the vast majority of black people will condemn the actions of those who kill, those police officers, there are those who will say it is time that these people get a taste of their own medicine.

Police officers are supposed to serve and protect the community and it should not matter whether the community is Black, White, Jews, or Gentiles, the onus is on them to treat each community with the respect that they deserve.

But time and time again members of the black community bear the brunt of police brutality and it would appear without any repercussion.  Even in cases where it is absolutely clear that police officers violate the individual right, beat them unnecessary treat them like animals, and sometimes kill them those officers were not disciplined and were still on the force, and can carry on their antisocial behaviour against the black community.

Today is a very sad day for not just the United States or for the people of Dallas, but the entire world, as we remember this was where John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.  I wonder whether the individuals responsible for the sniper shooting of the 5 police officers were making a statement or whether it was just a coincidence that Dallas is the place that retaliation against the police begins.

We cannot afford this situation to become the norm.  There is no way in which we can have a situation whereby the police are killing black people and black people are killing police officers.  Where will this end and who will have the guts to say enough is enough and we will prosecute any officer who violate their oath and take a life unnecessary.  Show the community that the government and the cities in which these crimes are committed that the establishment is willing to demonstrate that police officers are not above the law and when they break It they will be punished.