Technology, especially Smartphones has transformed our lives enormously in that we are able to do so much more on the move, but apparently it comes with a price.

These Smartphones have made us into targets for those who are unwilling to purchase their own and are more than willing to relieve us of ours in any way that they can.

It has recently been reported that there are more than 170 iPhones being stolen in London on a daily basis and the thefts are being carried out by a bicycle riding crew that are snatching Smartphones from unsuspected commuters and pedestrians.

Apparently they are not just targeting iPhone users but also the Blackberry and Samsung, the statistics reveal that over 56,000 mobiles were stolen between April and September of this year.

The theft of these gadgets is no joking matter, as it cost the life of a police officer who collapsed and die chasing an individual that stole an iPhone from a member of the public.

We live such busy lives that we tend to ignore what is going on around us, and the only way that we are going to defeat these modern day thieves is to be vigilant.  The police service can only do so much so, the onus is an us to help in the protection of our property.

So, if you have to use your phone near, especially tube stations then you should:-

(1)    Be aware of your surroundings

(2)    Use an earphone so that you can have your phone in your inside pocket or even your handbag, Smartphones are so sophisticated they pick up signals literally anywhere

(3)    Don’t just concentrate on your phone conversation, keep your eyes peeled for a potential cycle thief.

Unfortunately the more technologically advance we get the unscrupulous in society try to find ways to make financial gains off of us.  Therefore, we have to protect ourselves by just paying a little more attention to our surroundings.  This may not stop those hell-bent on taking our possessions, but it will certainly make it a darn site harder for them to do so.

By Sandrea: My Opinion