When we enter the 21st Century it should have found the world full with dignity, decency, integrity and morals. Instead we are living in a fish bowl without any moral concept.

It would appear that we have lost the ability to exercise good judgement.  We seem not to have the morals to conduct ourselves in the manner in which we should.

We are living in a world where 43% of our children are being, what is colorfully called ‘cyberbullying’, being harassed by technology be it mobile phones or on the internet.

Where someone can walk into a pub and steal the box containing money for the poppy appeal.

Commuters on the trains, trams or tube, having to withstand a barrage of negative and racist comments from another passenger.

There is no trust in our political systems or those that we elect to govern our lives.

The planet is constantly wracked with unnecessary wars, nation against nation, civil uprising and thousands are dying every day needlessly.

Children die from hyperthermia because they are forced to seek shelter and sleep in a Dumpster.

A young woman dies because the medical assistance that should have been given to terminate a dying fetus was withheld.

Rampant underage drinking amongst teenagers.

Children shows no respect for the elderly.  We no longer see our grandmother as the matriarch of the family but a burden to be put in a nursing home sooner rather than later.

We have become selfish, self-centered and cynical.

The rich get increasingly richer and the poor falls deeper into poverty and despair.

What has happened to the once caring and compassionate world where we could leave our front door open, where communities take care of each other and we were our brother’s keeper. I find it rather difficult to accept that our planet and its inhabitants have drifted so far from morality and it appears that it is getting worst.

Perhaps I am an idealist, but there must be somewhere out there remains a modicum of morals and decency, we need to find it and revert back to those values, otherwise we are doomed as a race.

By Sandrea: My Opinion