According to a media report there is an upcoming study to be published in the edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that will allege that men who consume one normal sized soft drink per pay are at greater risk of getting a more aggressive form of prostate cancer.

There is no doubt, in my opinion that this research carries some merit given the fact that 8000 men between the age of 45 and 73 took part over a 15 year period.

However, the problem that we have as human beings we find changes in our lifestyle a difficult thing to undertake.  We are given information time and time again regarding the consumption of certain food and drink and the detrimental effects that they have on our bodies and many people find it difficult to change from the do’s to the Don’ts.

This is only one of several other research that have been undertaken over the years that warn us about how we consume food or drinks, the implication that they have in particular on high-risked group and I believe that this information useful as they are it must be backed up with a concerted effort to educate the at risk group of the long term benefits that can be gained by changing their lifestyle.

We know what causes obesity and the ramification that it entail, it cost million in health program to repair the damage and after effects of an obese person and yet the message that obesity is not good for the body seems to be lost on the population and especially in the US they expect the rate of obesity to increase by 2030.

Manufactures spend million advertising their products tempting us to use or consume them so why don’t government spend an equal amount of resources with blanket advertisement to warm us when a product can increase the risk to our already fragile health.

As suggested there are further studies that will be require on genes to see how they respond to different diets and make it possible to tailor food and drinks for certain high risk group, but in the meantime, we should be able to get the information across effectively in order that this group begin to address the concerns of the researchers and reduce their intake of certain soft drinks. Try Ketone Balance Duo

By Sandrea: My Opinion