In this the 21 century is people voting pattens changed and we are seeing votes for personality rather than policies.

The recent US election saw Barack Obama re-elected to the White House for another 4 years, despite all the odds he brought home the Democratic party and retained the Presidency. 

During the Presidential election the Republican party when to great lengths to inform the American people that Obama preside over a budget deficit in the trillion, the so-called worse unemployment for decades and none of those really did matter to the people, they still went out in their thousands to ensure that he returns as the President.

I am of the opinion that voting patterns have changed dramatically over the last twenty years and we are seeing voters that are more likely to vote for a candidate if they like their personality rather than their policies and if you do not appeal to voters then you are doomed from the outset.

This type of voting was seen in the UK during the late 1990’s when the leader of the Labour party won the UK election, he was a popular individual, the voters warm to him, he was respected, a great narrator and the nations were more than happy to cast their vote time and time again.

There are times that I believe that voters will look at a candidate and their party policies and may even agree with those policies but will still not vote for the individuals because they do not like their personality. In terms of the US election could it be that the voters decided that it would be better to reelect the President and allow him to continue to resolve the fiscal and economic problems facing the nation or was they taken by his personality the manner in which he was able to put across to the nations his hopes and aspiration.

It is obvious that no individual, in my opinion could resolve all the problems of the US in four years, and that every country irrespective of who they are, rely on others to function.  Therefore what happens in Europe affects the Americans and vice versa.  However, given the all of the problems that the Republican party outlined during the campaign, they should have been elected without any problems, so what when wrong.

I also believe that the younger generation of voters is more inclined to vote for an individual that they like and that they are playing an important role in who get elected whether it is in the UK, or US.  Politicians now need to understand that policies alone will not get them elected to office they have to appeal to, especially first time voters and have a personality that goes with their appeal.

The vast majority of the electorate are looking for individuals that they can relate to, those that have pulled themselves out of poverty and have an understanding of what it means to be destitute.  They are tired of the so-called old boy network of politicians that were literally born with a gold spoon in their mouth, those that do not have the capability of knowing what it is like to be destitute and if they cannot relate to this how can they formulate policies that will benefit the masses.

If the US election is anything to go by then we must begin to understand the dynamics that politics and voting are going.  It would be unfair to say that the President does not have any policies because he does but in my opinion I believe is personality played a huge role in him be re-elected to the Presidency and other politicians need to look at the US election and learn from it.


By Sandrea: My Opinion