As Russia deals with the after effects of the meteoroids that fell over the Ural Mountains region Friday and exploded with the force of an atomic bomb, injuring more than 800 people, should this be worrying aspects of human beings.

The world as we know it as experience many aspects of various disasters, has a race we deal with terrorism, a gun culture that has seen numerous schools and children die from gun related incidents.  We have the capabilities of dealing with man-made crimes but how can we protect ourselves from natural disasters.

I am of the opinion that Mother Nature as a way of waking us up to the realization that we are vulnerable and regardless of our greed that is causing the planet to suffer untold damage such as global warming, she has more destructive weapons in her armory than we can even begin to contemplate.

There is no doubt that the recent events in Russia must be cause for concerns for the rest of the planet, this disaster came swiftly and although this time there were no deaths just injuries caused by the meteoroid smashing into Russia we should see this as a warning to our species that we are not safe from the wrath of Mother Nature.

Human beings need to understand that we cannot bargain with her and when you have destructive weapons such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes and the mother loads of meteoroids at one’s disposal we must realize that the warnings we are being given must be taken rather seriously.

Scientist, will no doubt explain any natural disaster as nothing more than freak accidents, but there are however a few that will see what is occurring on our planet as a warning to us that just like the meteoroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaur we are no different from experiencing that catastrophe events.

As the most intellectual species on the planet we need to adjust our pattern of thinking, we need to understand that our fragile planet needs us to unite to protect her, we need to control our greed for acquiring more money than we need and by doing so we are destroying the fabric of our planet and unless we wake up very soon and change the way in which we use the resources of the planet like the dinosaur we are not far from extinct.

Russia may get the first taste of Mother Nature’s wrath and as we see the chaos the rest of the world need to use the Russian experience to begin to address the issues surrounding our environment and what we are effectively doing to the planet, and come together as one unit to curtail our activities and find a smarter way of existing on the planet, otherwise we are not going to like the outcome.

By Sandrea: My Opinion