APPLE has filed a fresh patent infringement action in the US against Samsung, alleging that the South Korean company is continuing to use its technology despite a recent court ruling.

The new claim was filed in San Jose, California, on Friday and it says that Samsung, which last month was fined $US1.05 billion ($A1.02 billion) by an American court for “willfully” infringing Apple’s patents, is still using its rival’s technology.

“Despite that lawsuit, Samsung has continued to flood the market with copycat products,” Apple said, adding four of Samsung’s most recent releases – including the flagship Galaxy S III smartphone – to an earlier complaint filed in February.

“Apple will suffer and is suffering irreparable harm” because of the alleged infringement, said the maker of the iPhone and iPad.

The new US claim is the latest chapter in a long-running global patent war between the Smartphone giants, which have accused each other of stealing intellectual property for their own products.

On August 24, a California jury found the South Korean electronics giant infringed dozens of patents held by Apple.

However, a Japanese court on Friday rejected the US tech giant’s claim that Samsung stole its technology.

Apple had sought damages and sought to block sales of some Samsung products in Japan, where both firms have seen their popularity rise in a market traditionally dominated by domestic powerhouses such as Sharp and Sony.

But the claim was rejected and the Tokyo District Court’s three-judge panel awarded legal costs to Samsung.