The anti-Islamic film was designed to show for no other purpose, in my opinion, but to incite religious tensions.

It is feasible that a modern world should be tolerant of each other religion.  However, everyone is well aware that anything or anyone who demean the Islamic prophet Mohammed knows that it caused severe tension and put the Muslim community against another religion or the countries that defile their prophet.

It is unbelievable that the group responsible for this so-called film that ridicule the prophet Mohammed would not be aware that their actions would cause the death of the US Ambassador and three of his staff in Libya.  How could these individuals be so callous causing people to lose their lives because of their selfish, self-centered and wanna-be attitudes.

They must have been aware that a French cartoonist was killed, blown up in is car because he dare to draw a caricature of the prophet Mohammed.  South Park officials threatened because they aired an episode that according to Muslims mocked the prophet.  Rightly or wrongly Muslims do not like any criticism, caricature or defilement of Mohammed and that can be seen has the demonstrations around the world become extremely serious and deadly.

In 2005, the Danish government was criticized for allowing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to be published, which caused a labour strike in Pakistan.  In January 2006 the Norwegian embassy and the building containing the Danish, Swedish and Chilean embassies were stormed and set on fire by protesters.  March 2006 139 people died primarily during the riots stemming from protests.  January 2010 a man was shot whilst attempting to kill Kurt Westegaard one of the original cartoonists.

There is enough information available for anyone with any amount of common sense to realise that Muslim will cause death and mayhem if they believe Mohammed is defiled and I agree that we cannot and should not allow the Islamic faith to hold the world in ransom because they do not want people to say or do anything where Mohammed is a concern, equally we should not go out of our way to provoke this kind of anger.  This is not a perfect world and the fanatical aspects of any religion is willing to lay down their life for what they believe in and we should be trying to co-operate in a cohesive manner not deliberately treading on each other religious toes.

The anti-Islan film is a disgraceful and in my opinion willful and unnecessary act that provoke the kind of religious hatred that is happening around the world and it is a very counter productive and demeaning behaviour by individuals that should know better.  They should be prosecuted for any deaths that arisen out of the chaos that they cause as they chose to ignore the obvious and because of that people lost their life and families are destroyed.