As the Muslims and Western countries put their differences away to vote in favour of the UN landmark declaration that outline the code of conducts for combating violence against women and girls, we applaud the decision but still wonder if all of the countries involve will honour the code.

To have Iran, Libya, Sudan and other Muslim countries agreeing to have language stating violence against women could not be justified by “any custom, tradition or religious consideration”.  This is a breakthrough of mammoth proportion.

The most important aspect of the language that I find  interesting is that part to do with religious tradition.  For century most Muslim women and girls have to face violence base on archaic religious beliefs and if the Muslim countries are now agreeing that this is a counterproductive system then we, along with the Muslim community have taken a gigantic step in the right direction in addressing this problem.

The United Nations and all the Muslim countries that have participated in this landmark decision should be commended. However there is real concern that these are conducts that have been establish over many centuries and although we commend these nations for taking this step, we must now wait to see whether the various nations will be true to their words and are indeed taking the violence against women and girls seriously and what procedures are they going to put in place in their countries to ensure that they are following the code of conduct to the letter.

Of course, we would not be surprised to see Egypt go against the decision and their comment that the decision would lead to the “complete degradation of society”, what utter rubbish.  Any country that is against taking action to prevent its citizens from violence especially in terms of women and young girls is a country that is still residing in the stone age.

By Sandrea: My Opinion