According to media report, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton issued a strong warning to Bashar Al-Assad regime regarding the potential use of chemical weapons on the Syrian people.

The Syrian civil uprising has been ongoing since the 15 March 2011, there have been 32,000 deaths most of which according to Watchdog are civilians.  The world seems to be ignoring the plight of the Syrian people and whilst they do more and more people are dying and others finding themselves as refugees, fleeing the ongoing bloodshed in their country.

It is no good the West says that the regime behaviour is reprehensible, and that their actions against their own people is tragic.  I was under the impression that the United Nations was established to ensure that countries such as Syria do not have carte Blanche in annihilating millions of people in order to maintain the status quo.

For the West to wait for the Syrian regime to possible use chemical weapons on its people, before they intervene is a travesty to democracy.  We should have intervened in this conflict and NATO should have been there months ago instead of dragging our feet waiting for a chemical weapon catastrophe to occur before we do something about this inhumane situation in Syria.

Government should not be allowed to hang on to power at all cost, and they should not massacre millions of people in order to do so.

It is not good enough for the Western allies, to only be developing contingency plans to neutralize any use of chemical weapons, that is like putting the cart before the horse and shutting the stable door after the horse as bolted.  We have an obligation to go in now to prevent any use of chemical weapons, if we do not then, we would have failed the people of Syria and any other country that deemed it necessary to slaughter its citizen.

If ever there is a clear reason for the United nations to send in a peacekeeping force into Syria, just count the number of deaths on a daily basis.  All of the reasons are obvious and the UN must demonstrate that they are willing to act on the principles of its remit, otherwise they will be seen as a toothless and inadequate relic of the past.

By Sandrea: My Opinion