There have been a number of headlines that has been in the media that is causing concerns about the state the world and is inhabitants are currently going through.

Firstly, no sooner that the media report the shooting of a family of five by their 15 year old son, who according to further media report, stated that his mother annoyed him and therefore, like the thousands of teenagers whose parents allegedly annoyed them, he decided that killing his entire family justify the fact that his mother annoyed him.

It would appear that as a race we no longer draw the lines of where a child is the responsibility of the parents and children, in particular teenagers believe they should be allowed to do what they want and that parents have no rights to reprimand them, and as a society we have to look at this latest carnage and decide whether we bear some responsibility for this crisis when we seems to eroding the parental control over their children.

Today we are awoken to the headlines that another three people was injured in a Texas campus shooting.  Another community must now be wondering where next, have we not learned anything in the last couple of months.  It would appear that we just blindly go about with little regard to our actions and it is our communities and environment that suffer for our negative actions.

Secondly, what would make a 56 year old grandmother believe that she could smuggle drugs in a country such as Bali without putting herself at risk.  I believe that the YouTube video shed a more constructive light on the plight of this 56 year old grandmother.

By Sandrea: My Opinion