There have been a report in the media that the relatives of the Colorado theatre shooting have refused an invitation to attend the re-opening of the cinema on January 17.

Apparently, the company that owned the theatre have been renovating it following the shooting which took place on 20 July 2012, in which 12 people were killed and 70 wounded.

This is a very insensitive offer when one considers that the families of those that were killed are still getting to grips with the fact that their loved ones are gone and the manner in which their lives were taken is not an easy thing to overcome.

I imagine that the individuals responsible for making the offer, one would believe that it was not done with any malice, but they may have honestly believed that it was a way of honouring those that lost their lives, but they must understand that as one relatives suggested is a ‘disgusting offer’.

One must realize that with the perpetrator of the criminal act still to be tried for his actions, family members are still left with unanswered questions as to why, and that it would have been rather insensitive to ask them to visit the very arena in which they lost the people that they loved.

There are times, as human beings that we do thing that we perceive is for the right reason, but is done at the wrong time and this is one of those times.  The offer may have been made out of a genuine need to ensure that we remember the nightmare that was inflicted in the cinema, but asking individuals to attend the very place that they were told was total chaos on that ill-fated night is just a little too much for love ones to become involved in, and in my opinion they have a right to be outraged.


By Sandrea: My Opinion