Why is it that some countries are more prone than others to uprising and civil disobedience.

Could the reason be that they do not understand the real concept of democracy, or is it that the leaders fail to treat their citizens with civility, honesty, integrity and dignity or in the manner expected of decent elected officials.

Syria for over the last year as being embroiled in the deadliest civil uprising, which as seen thousands dead and others fleeing the country.  The individuals in the heat of the problem as refuse to budge and instead the country plunges deeper into mayhem and chaos with little hope of the end to the senseless violence.  As the tyranny continues the country’s infrastructure is being destroyed by both sides of the conflict.

Egypt is now descending into political turmoil as supporters and opponents of Egyptian Mohammed Morsi fought.  So far it has been reported the some 126 people were wounded during the clashes.

The country with its thousand of Islamist, Liberal party, Youth groups and large sectors of the public are locked in a political crisis and everyone is digging their heels in and the violent confrontation is escalating out of proportion, and it is the country that will eventually be devastated by this latest skirmish.

The reasons that these factions are in a conflict may be understandable in that aspect of the so-called draft charter by the government is causing concern among sections of the community, but that should be a process whereby negotiations are held between both sides in order that they can arrive at an amicable decision satisfactory to all concern.

In a democracy the right to hold a peaceful demonstration is sacrosanct, however when it becomes violent and people begin to get hurt the reason, irrespective of what they were regarding, gets lost and the violence overshadowed the purpose.

Considering that Egypt recently got rid of President Hosni Murabak, his authoritarian regime was toppled in an uprising almost two years.  It is unbelievable that Egypt is once again in the grip of violence and uprising, is rather hard to comprehend.


By Sandrea: My Opinion