By Sandrea:- My Opinion

As the Conservative laid out their plans to opt out of the European Justice system it begs the question that in this less than stellar coalition who holds the title as a slave and who is master.

It is no secret that the Liberal Democrats are pro Europeans and it is very hard to fathom how they would idly stand by and watch the Conservative party ruin aspects of the European Union, without voicing their opposition to the proposals.

One would assume that power should never be allowed to corrupt anyone and that principles and integrity far outweighs the individual. However, it would appear that when it comes to the political arena integrity and principles seems to go right through the proverbial window.

I cannot help but wonder why was the Liberal Democrats so vocal against the conservative party during the periods when the Labour party have an over-whelming majority in the house of commons. It would seem that from 1996 – 2010 the Liberal Democrats did not have anything good to say about the Tories, then suddenly they are in coalition with the very people they despise and every ounce of the principles that was the linchpin of the party have all but evaporated.

How can the supporters of the Liberal Democrats differentiate themselves from the Tories it would appear that they are no longer in the unique position of being able to do so. They cannot identify any Liberal Democratic policies as they are all but nonexistent.

There was a time when the Liberal Democrats were so different from the two major parties, they stood for the man in the street, social policies geared at improving the lives of the majority of citizens and in particular those who are poor and destitute, they wanted to see economically polices that would raise the destitute out of poverty, what happen to the dream.

The Liberal Democrats have sat idly by and watched as the Tories decimate the welfare system, place hardship on those who are already at the bottom of the pile, and if news reports are to be believed, of which there are no reasons that they would carry such stories, over 1000 supposedly disabled claimants took their own lives last year rather than face the disgraceful so-called medical that they are forced to attend.

I am flabbergasted that the Liberal Democrats would be party to such an inhumane and diabolical scheme. Yet I personally believe that in the end lip service does not amount to anything and individuals seems capable of selling their very soul if they can get their hands on what they assume is power. They will eventually realise that they have sold the British people down the river and in the long term the very power that they craved will set them and their party back into the dark ages and the opportunity that they got to make them demonstrate how effective a government they could be given the opportunity, they have blown in the most spectacular way.

The Liberal Democrats were never masters in this hop scotch coalition and being the slaves they will always remain the underdog until they realise that compromising your integrity is never the way to go irrespective of what bone is dangled before one.