Whichever way one might take it or even be alarmed at the verdict, the overwhelming fact remains that a one man is dead.

As a society we rely on the judiciary to make important decisions and especially the jury system and whether they get this verdict wrong or right we have to respect their decision.  No doubt it will not be a decision that will sit well with the Trayvon Martin’s family.

The human race sometimes has the ability to get things wrong and what happens here is anyone guest, but obviously the jury believes that Trayvon Martin dead was justified hence they return the verdict that they did.  How can we expect the family to continue knowing that their son has died and it would appear that no one will be held accountable for his death.

I understand, as a parent what the family of Trayvon must be experiencing and although I have every sympathy with them, myself or anyone that has never had a child killed in that manner cannot fully grasp the depth of the Martin family hurt, anger or frustration, I believe that despite the difficulties that their family will no doubt face they have to be calm and dignify in the manner in which they handled themselves hereon.

The courts and in particular the jury may find Mr Zimmerman not guilty, but if there is any sense of humanity within him he will have to live with the knowledge that he has taken the life of a young man. This is a tragedy that should never have happened and we hope that it will not be repeated.  However, the fact that no one will be held accountable for the death of this young man send a rather alarming message that one can take another person’s life and there is a chance that they will not be held responsible.

Every life, irrespective of who that life belongs to his scared and I hope that Mr Zimmerman will never have to experience the kind of devastation that his taking of Trayvon Martin’s life cost his family, I also hope that having been found not guilty of this crime it will not give him a blueprint to go out and commit a similar crime in the knowledge that he could get away with it a second time.

Although we may respect the verdict of the courts this does not mean that we agree with it.  In my opinion it was a travesty of justice and whether justice is blind when it comes to the taking of black people lives, I suppose is something that the black community has been living with for centuries and therefore, it sometimes does not surprise us when jury delivers verdict such as this one.

By Sandrea: My Opinion