I do not understand why we then to have so much bad news plaguing our world it seems that good news that would make us rejoice are few and far between.

In today’s media there are the following headlines and reports that we are subjected to:

  1. Five year old April Jones body may never be found even though a former slaughterhouse worker was jailed for life for the murder.
  2. Nigeria lawmakers have passed anti-gay marriage bill in which they have banned gay marriage and outlaw any group that support such union.  How archaic and yesterday.
  3. A man accused of the killing of UK soldier appeared in court, he will no doubt go on trial for the brutal murder of an innocent person.
  4. Syrian’s President Bashar Assad, in an interview stated that he will win the ongoing battle, that is currently raging in the country between government troops and those that are fighting to acquire their freedom.  Whilst he his giving interview the people of Syria and especially the children are suffering on a daily basis.
  5. A so-called young Lebanese was sentenced to 23 years in prison for placing what he perceives was a backpacked that contained a bomb, in a city close to the Chicago Cub’s baseball stadium.

There you go all the bad and depressing news that our media is currently carrying, and as I scroll through the river of headlines that make me wonder why this world is the way it is and is there anything that can begin to restore my faith that all is not bad, I saw it.

The Chinese newborn baby that was rescued from the sewer was released to family and is fit and well.  It made me realize that among all the chaos and mayhem there is still a light shining at the end of this dark tunnel of misery and there are still miracles that are happening around us and all we have to do is to sift through all the bad news because buried somewhere in there is a halo of hope for us to hold on to.

By Sandrea: My Opinion