The government in Ireland pledge to pass a law soon that will allow women to receive abortions, if the continued pregnancy threatened their lives, demonstrates that society always acts reactively rather than proactive.

There is no doubt that the subject of abortion has been a controversial topic, in particular among the Catholic faith, and the Anti-abortion groups who believe that any abortion goes against the will of God.

However, regardless of our profound beliefs there has to be a balance, and when circumstances warrants that the life of an expectant mother is more important than the fetus she is carrying then they should never have been any question as to the fact that the termination of the fetus was paramount.  There is every reason to believe that there are sections of the Irish government who also believes this following the huge outcry regarding the death of 31 year old Halappanavar, who died from blood poisoning when she was refused an abortion to remove a dying fetus from her body.

Within any legislation there must be a proactive procedure that benefits the citizens and it is a damning indictment on society that we always have to wait until lives are taken before we act.  The tendency to act reactively should have gone out with eighteen century beliefs.

Why should we wait for twenty children to die before there is a major discussion on curtailing the use and sale of semi-automatic weapons, or the unnecessary demise of a young woman before we act to reduce the trauma to the affected families.

The individuals who are adamant that they do not want to see abortion laws passed that will enable a woman to receive this treatment if and when require, are not Deity, who are they to determine what should happen to the female reproductive organs.  No one is suggesting that abortions should be undertaken haphazardly, but when the pregnant woman’s life is threatened by the fetus, there should be no question that medical assistance should favor the mother every time.

It is all well and good for so-called archbishops to believe that passing a law would be tragic, what about the number of unwanted children that are born every year, that are not cared for properly, end up in an over-filled foster homes, starving, homeless and abandon, do they really believe that these children would wish to be born into these unfortunate circumstances.

It is hypocrisy of the church to want to see the planet full of unwanted children.  Struggling all over the world, in particular, third world countries, living on the streets, dying of untold diseases, children who have no parents because they have been killed either because of civil war or diseases leaving them unprotected and to their own devices, this would be far more cruel, in my opinion than having a necessary abortion.

By Sandrea: My Opinion