As US military Judge James Pohl released his ruling that the testimony from defendants accused in 9/11 attacks, which documented their torture and imprisonment must be kept secret, the question is when does torture becomes acceptable in society.

I have no doubts or is under any illusions that the manner in which security service undertake their duties in protecting the nation must be and should be kept classified and that not all of their systems or methods should be publicized.

However, in humanity there is a level of depravity that not even the security services should be allowed to sink to.  Irrespective of the fact that terrorist and terrorism are a despicable act perpetrated on our society, we cannot and should not condone the use of torture in order to gain information.  In my opinion, if we as a so-called civilized human beings act in the same manner as the people that we are trying to stop from causing chaos and mayhem among our citizens, then we become no better than they are.

One can only imagine that Judge Pohl believes strongly that should the information be made public then it would compromise the integrity of the security service in doing their duties.  On the other side of the coin human rights groups will no doubt be posing the question that if the security services had nothing to hide and that they undertake their responsibilities in a humane and dignified way, then what are they so scared that these testimonial documentations will reveal.

As a society we seem to fail to grasp the fact that if we keep some unnecessary secrets then eventually they will be revealed that make us appear stupid and inept.  There is no question in our minds that classified information is done for the sake of national security, but if we allow this to go beyond the realm of decency, integrity and humanity then we would have failed miserably and lost the war and those that we trying to prevent from bringing the atrocities to our country, would have won the battle.

Let us hope that this ruling does not come back to haunt us years from now.

By Sandrea: My Opinion