The FBI data regarding the US hate crimes, reported in the media that indicates that one in five of these crimes were directed at the gays and lesbian community, is appalling.

Whether one agrees or disagreeing with the lifestyle of this group, attacking them is a despicable behaviour by other so-called human beings.  No one has the right to dictate the manner in which sections of the community live their lives and to take violent actions against any minority group is a failure of the human race,  and one that border on Neanderthal attitude.

Society must be tolerant of all the different aspects of our communities irrespective of who and what they are.  The report suggests that there were 7713 victims and some 5733 offenders.  Who bestow an edict onto to these offenders to be judge, jury and executioners of other people’s method of living.

The lack of tolerance among human beings defies logic.  Why do people get so scared of what they perceive is not the norm, that made them do and act in such inhumane way.  Our planet is much richer for the diversity that exist, one which we should embrace rather than try to destroy what we narrow-minded believe is not natural, who are we to make that decision.

This switch in hate crimes is and should be worrying to society.  We have a tendency to hate others because they are a different race, culture, religious belief and their personal choice in which they conduct their life, emphasis on their.

As a race that is supposed to be the most intellectual of the other species, we have failed miserably to recognize the rights of each other to exist in whatever framework is chosen, instead of uniting to fight those that are willing to destroy our communities with criminal activities, targeting our children we focus on our bigotry.

In a democracy people are entitled to live their lives in the manner they choose so long as they are not committing anti-social behaviour that causes chaos and mayhem then they have the right to live free and not be targeted or harm because they chose to be different.

There have been, over the centuries people killed because of the colour of their skin, their religion and sexual orientation and although we have made some strides in equality under the law, there are still those who have not emerge out of the dark ages and are continuing their inhumane actions against others and society must, and should not tolerate this counterproductive behaviour.

By Sandrea: My Opinion