According to the media the UK police are rather concerned about a group of self-style paedophile hunters that are going about enticing men  of that persuasion out into the open, video the confrontation then posting it to the web.

The greatest fear that any parent will experience is knowing that we are responsible for bringing into our home an apparatus that could cause harm to our children, the internet as open means of communication that would alarm our ancestors, it is the anonymous way that amoral individuals can use to entice unsuspecting teenagers into grave danger.

There have been cases that have caused outrage and as such every parent now has within their grasp a method of ensuring that there are certain aspect of the internet that their children is not allowed to access, it is called parental control and as a parent we have the right to be vigilant where our children are concerned and although we may not be able to protect them 100% we can at least do 95%.

Being vigilance is not a crime however, taking the law into one’s own hand is called vigilante justice, it is a criminal offense, and although as a community we need to ensure that we protect our children, going out enticing people of a certain persuasion to commit a crime is called entrapment and that should be left up to the security service that is trained in those kind of operation and know full well the dangers.

When any community decides to take matters into their hands because they believe the police is not moving on certain issues as fast as they would like there eventually end up with disastrous consequence for sometimes innocent people and once you rang the bell and label a person as a predator then even if they are found to be innocent the dye is already cast and that individual life could be ruined because of so-called vigilante justice.

Of course, as a parent we want to see individuals who we believe has the propensity to harm our children remove from our community, but that should be left up to the police to identify these potential perpetrators and effectively deal with them.  There is nothing wrong if a parent or other member of a community is aware of a potential threat to their environment, they can alert the police regarding that threat, but taking matters into your own hands is counterproductive and very foolhardy.

It is a frightening aspect, in my opinion, when civilians decide that they are better equipped to take the law into their own hand.  If we are to preserve our dignity and integrity in order to function effectively within our various communities, lets leave policing to the people who are trained and is paid to do so, our job is to assist them not to take away their responsibilities.

By Sandrea: My Opinion