The YouTube video below, of the United States of America President Barack Obama speaking of the tragedy that have once again rocked the country, is all too much a reminder of the number of children that have been slaughtered in US schools.

It is made even more heinous as this latest shooting incident, the ages of the children range from five to ten years old and as the President, tearful, state his sadness at this latest school shooting, it is a painful reminder to us all that we must now decide as a society whether we want to protect our children from the behavior of deranged gun tooting individuals or we intend to bury our heads in the sand and hide behind the  so-called right to bear arms.

In a civilized society this cannot be the way forward, no democracy should have to tolerate the continuous slaughter of innocent students and teachers and if this latest incident do not catapult the nation to do something positive about gun control in the country then, we are going to see a lot more Presidents making the same grief stricken speeches over and over again.


By Sandrea: My Opinion