As the prosecutors in the James Holmes murder case seek the death penalty, one wonders who are they doing this for themselves or to appease the families of those that was murdered.

I am absolutely disgusted with the fact that he had the gall to reign down such terror on individuals that did him no harm and cut short the lives of so many innocent people. However, what can be gained by executing him, will it bring back those lives, of course not and therefore taking his life in what in my opinion is a tit-for-tat move is rather counterproductive.

Society cannot and should not become or allow ourselves to stoop to the level of those that have inflicted heinous crimes in our community, because if we drag ourselves down to their level then we are no better than they are and we will slowly erode our humanity in ways that makes it hard for us to come back from the brink of the abyss.

Of course, there is no doubt that there are those who would like to see him strapped down and executed for his crimes against humanity and for a few moments they will feel elated but that is certainly not a feeling that will be abated and the hurt and the hole left inside a family member that have lost a relative on that fatal night will still be there, it will not go away regardless of how many times they relive the death of James Holmes.

In most cases the greatest testament to our society and our humanity is the fact that when evil raise its ugly head we have the ability to ensure that these individuals are imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives.  They are made to relive the horror that they have inflicted on others, killing them does not achieve nothing and until we recognize this fact all that we are doing is the eye for an eye which make us no better.

Would I change my position of a family member of mine was among those that were killed, of course not, I do not believe in the death penalty, I believe it is an archaic outdated mode of punishment and it does not deter anyone with evil intent to think twice about their actions.  The death penalty has been around for as long as we can remember and during that time the number of individual murders as not abated and those that have been put to death for their crimes, not one of them had their victims return from the dead because they were executed, so to pretend that the death penalty is a deterrent is an idiotic idea and one that we should surely abandon.

It is time that we stop this state sanction murder as it demeans our society, it belittles our dignity and integrity and cast a dark shadow on what and who we are and keep us locked in the past, and we should have evolved from that ridiculous type of punishment.

By Sandrea: My Opinion