Following the United States Senate vote 92 to 4 in favour to name and shame Russian officials involved in corruption, and curtailing them from travelling to America or undertaking any investments, will it work.

It would be naive of us to believe that corruption does not exist whether it is the Russians, or any other nationality.  The Senate decision to name and shame those involved is a step in the right direction, in fact is should be make anyone who who believe that they can get away with corrupt behaviour think twice about their actions, if they know that if they are discovered, their name will be made public for all the world to see.

The billed passed yesterday is dubbed the ‘Magnitsky Law’, apparently named after Sergei Magnitsky who died in Russian custody 2009, after alleging that a circle of interior and tax ministry conspired in US$230 million tax fraud.  This bill must be a testament and an honour to Magnitsky and will be a lasting memorial to the integrity and dignity of the man.

Obviously, the Russians will see this move on the part of the US as being biased and have even suggested it is a vindictive desire to counter Russia in world affairs.

It would not be inconceivable that Russia will retaliate as they must be furious with the inception of the bill and would therefore consider counter attack and have indicated that they could bring in their own banned list of US officials they alleged are involved in human rights issues.

However, in my opinion the law should not only focus on Russia it should, and must apply to all countries.  Russia does not have carte Blanche on corruption and they should not be the only country targeted.

I am under the impression that this bill should be welcome, this legislation is about, not just the rule of law and human rights, but accountability.  If applied effectively we might just see less corrupt officials.

By Sandrea: My Opinion