The US  Senate gave final congressional approval to renew the government’s authority to monitor overseas phone calls and e-mails of so-called suspected foreign spies and terrorist.

There is however, no surprise that this surveillance law will not include American citizens home or abroad.  Apparently, if an American citizen is to be targeted for surveillance the government must get a warrant from a special 11- judge court of the US district judges.

It would be naive of anyone to believe that 9/11 did not change significantly security protocol around the world and especially within the United States that bear the brunt of the tragedy, and we would further as a society failing our responsibilities to democracy if the government did not put procedures in place to counter any act of, or potential acts of terrorist activities before they can cause mayhem and chaos.

Civil liberties are very important in any democracy equally as national security and in order to effectively protect and defend the rights of everyone it cannot be perceived that some people’s rights are more important that others.

There is no doubt that terrorist comes in all shapes and form and although most people will agree and support the eavesdropping bill there are however those that will be left with wondering why are some privacy more important than others, and how difficult would it be to obtain warrants to eavesdrop on foreign nationals and is there a presumption that only foreign individuals commit acts of terrorism.

By Sandrea: My Opinion