It has been reported that eight suspects have been arrested over the fatal shooting of an eight-year-old British girl on holiday in Jamaica.

This is a total outrage to think that a child cannot go on holiday and not end up being murdered by these inhumane individuals that have been plaguing the Jamaican society for as long as anyone can remember.

Apparently Imani Green was killed when a gunman opened fire at her cousin’s shop in the rural village of Duncans on Friday, which also leave three of her relatives recovering in hospital after they were wounded in the hail of bullets.

According to the Jamaican Police they believe the killing could have been a revenge attack by gangsters. Irrespective of whether  Imani, who suffered from the blood condition sickle cell anaemia, was not believed to have been the target, opening gunfire in a shop full of people anyone with any common sense would know that innocent people could be killed.

The authority believe that, according to some sources, this may be just an isolated incident but it could well link to a number of things that they are looking at all possibilities, and following all the leads that were getting.”

Whether isolated or not this child, from Balham in south London, was shot twice in Friday’s attack – once in the head and once in the shoulder.

Media reports stated that her grandmother Sandra Fisher said she found Imani lying in a “pool of blood” after she asked to visit the grocery shop in the quiet Red Dirt district of Duncans in Trelawny parish.

This is a disgusting and callous act of inhumanity and have left a child dead a community and family members in mourning and irrespective of the outcome this area of Jamaica will never be the same.

Why do individuals deem it necessary to carry out these vile attacks on each other is unbelievable and I am sure that most people in that community will no doubt want these individuals when convicted to receive the death penalty and although I am never in favor of such penalty one can understand that family member will see this as the ultimate justice for the lost of a child with everything to live for.

By Sandrea My Opinion