The media report that the US Supreme Court state that they will announce their decision on whether companies can patent human genes, is awaited, in my opinion with great concern.

How far is the human race prepared to go in respect of science and where do we draw a moral boundary.  There must be aspects of human integrity that should not be compromised, and if the authority with the ability to prevent our decaying morals turned a blind eye, or give their permission to the continuing erosion of morality then human beings are on a freight train heading for destruction.

I am in favour of scientific research and the amazing contribution that they have made in terms of the benefits that prolong human life. However, when we begin to talk about or seek legal permission to patent human genes, we have taken science to a level of depravity.

Every facility that is involved in research that will enable them to find, whether a cure or methods of preventing diseases such as breast and ovarian cancer should be allowed to do so without the obstacles of other companies patenting human genes, as the next step will be commercialized and that cannot be good for society.

Why should our DNA be made in patent by any single company, that could limit other scientific research making them incapable of undertaking effective research that is necessary for the benefit of human beings.  It is amazing how everything always comes down to profit.

Human beings tend to have a very short memory when it comes to catastrophe and disaster, if you open Pandora Box you cannot close it, so in the interest of common sense it is much better to prevent rather than cure.  The study of DNA must be free for all research organizations and no one should have carte Blanche, ever.

By Sandrea: My Opinion