By Sandrea: My Opinion

How can anyone justify shooting a 14 year old child because they are promoting education for her peers.  It is unbelievable the inhumanity of these people.

To be an effective leader one must have the ability to function in every circumstance and be able to discuss differences, if an organisation has to resort to violence to put across their beliefs then they lost both the battle and the war.  

Who are these Taliban, what makes them into the monster that would shoot a child.

According to various documentation the Taliban meaning students are a militant fundamentalist movement of the Pashtun tribe. They led a large part of Afghanistan and the capital Kabul, as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan until the NATO intervention scatter them all over the region.  Since then they have undertaken many suicide bombings and murder, not just NATO personnel but anyone who they deemed to be in collusion with the Americans.

However, they have stooped to a new low in depravity when they believe that it is acceptable to shoot a child because of that child’s belief.  How can these individuals ever believe that they are worthy to form a government or expect the world to take them seriously when they undertake the type of depravity such as the attempted murder of a child.

No one is saying that individuals should abandon their beliefs whether they are traditional or religious, but the for a person to impose their beliefs on another without the right of an individual to challenge or disagree with those believe smacks of hypocrisy and in a 21st century world it is a fundamental right of everyone to agree or disagree with a process irrespective of who formulate those processes.

Pakistan up in arms over the shooting still does not say that the regime is going to stop support for the Taliban and that should be the first statement that the Pakistani government should be issuing.  The incident should demonstrate that the Taliban are untrustworthy and that their behaviour towards females are archaic and out-dated and if they cannot exist in a world that demonstrate equality among all sexes then they cannot be allowed to be part of a democratic process.

Any country that fails to see the benefits of females’ participation in education, politics, social and economic affairs is woefully short-sighted and poorer for the countries who are determined to stay stuck in the past, they are losing out an having a cohesive society because of their idiotic beliefs. The world can only get better if archaic ideological attitudes are abandoned and common sense takes over.

I hope this incident will see the isolation of the Taliban, let them realise that the world will not stand idly by and watched children being slaughtered by people who should know better and that those involved will be brought to justice.