They  condemned abortion as a despicable act and the fact that some believe that life begin with conception therefore, any termination of a pregnancy is murder.

This position is understandable and if one reads the horror at the current criminal case against  Dr Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor, charged in the deaths of patients and seven babies.

According to the media report a medical assistant testifies to snipping the spine of at least 10 babies during unorthodox abortions, she further states she had to kill a baby born in a toilet.  The gruesome details that as emerge from the trial of this Doctor, albeit that he has not yet been convicted of any crimes, is causing concern among the vast majority of us that believe in freedom of choice. How can a human being not realise that cut the neck of an infant is an inhumane and indecent act, makes one lost for words.

There is no doubt that one cannot read the information that has been put forward in the press without feeling nauseous, to think that babies that could survive are being systematically slaughtered like animals beggars belief.

I firmly believe in the rights of the individual, especially in the right of a woman not to carry a child that they will either neglect, or is not capable of caring for properly.  However what I detest is a medical professional who does not have the ability to understand what is right from wrong and can only see any medical problems from a monetary point of view.

Looking at the individuals that this Doctor were performing these procedures on, they come from a minority background where in most cases poverty and low income is the order of the day and for anyone especially a medical person to exploit these individuals is diabolical.

Society cannot and should not tolerate this behaviour from anyone as they make genuine cases must more difficult to undertake and give those individuals who want to control the reproductive organ of the female, ammunition in which to make the case that all abortion should be legalise.

If convicted, I hope this will send a strong message to those hell-bent on profiting on the misfortunes of others that this will not be tolerated and the authority will clamp down very hard on individuals who try to buck the system.

By Sandrea: My Opinion