Gunmen allegedly to be Pakistan Taliban is accused of responsible for the deaths of eight people working on a UN backed polio vaccination efforts.

Following the deaths it has been said the United Nation’s public health arm will suspend work on the vaccine drive in two of Pakistan four provinces.

As also been stated Pakistan is one of only three countries where polio is endemic.  There is every hope that those suffering could be prevented, as reports have indicated the previous prevention efforts has reduced the number of cases by 70 percent this year.

Polio is such a devastating disease, which affect children living in unsanitary conditions, it attacks the nerves and can kill or paralyze.  Why would anyone want to kill the people who are giving the medication to these children that would prevent them having to endure agony.

Whoever is responsible for this attack on the polio workers, certainly do not wish to see any improvement made, and their actions could set the program back, threatened to reverse the progress and this is what made individuals that thrive on the suffering of others especially children, a monster, in my opinion.

These are the inhuman monsters that want to govern a country.  If you do not have the dignity and integrity within you to protect the children and future generation of your society, how can you be an effective humanitarian.

Society has an obligation to root out these evil people wherever they are.  No one should be allowed to use terror to further their aim irrespective of what their political beliefs are.  Draconian and archaic attitudes cannot be tolerated and taking the lives of innocent people who doing their jobs to help prevent the suffering of others is despicable.

By Sandrea: My Opinion