As most of us watched our television, open our newspapers, go online to read what is currently occurring around the world it will become patently clear that there is a darkness overshadowing our society.

Fighting between Islamic extremist and the Nigeria’s army killed over 185 people, according to media report rocket propelled grenades and members of the security service spay machine gun fire into an area filled with civilians.

In India a second person has been arrested following the assault on a 5 year old girl who was left for dead in a locked room.

The Boston alleged bomber is awake and will no doubt be subjected to a barrage of question from the authorities seeking to ascertain why the bombing occur and whether there are others involved.

There are 84 Guantanamo inmates which are currently refusing food have have joined a hunger strike, there are already 16 that is on a feeding tube of which 5 has been hospitalized.  These individuals are protesting their incarcerations without being charged or having a trial.  We must question whether any government should  be allowed this of treatment against fellow human beings.

In a civilized society everyone, regardless of how deplorable a human being they might be should and must be given an opportunity to defend themselves against any charges levelled against them.  To be locked away without being charged for any crime is as heinous as the so-called criminal activities that the government suspects that these individuals are alleged to have committed.  These types of actions by the security service backed by the government is why we have so many problems in our environment because the moral high ground that the government and security service should employ as being swept aside by fear which driven them to act in an inhumane and downright deplorable manner.

It is suggested that US gun law is a bigger threat than terrorism because 30,000 Americans die in gun violence yearly whilst only 17 people died last year from terrorist attacks.  The fact remains that people are dying whether it is from gun crimes or terrorism these are needless deaths and it demonstrate that society has loss its grip on what is decent and our dignity has been compromised by the fear factor and we are unable to curtail these events that is causing chaos and mayhem in our environment leaving this darkness over us, they must be addressed because if it continues we will eventually annihilate ourselves.

By Sandrea: My Opinion