Human beings are made up of two kinds those who are genuinely decent and those that have allowed their greed to overtake them completely.

One would believe that being a human being that is supposed to have a conscience, know the difference between right and wrong would set us far apart from other species, how wrong can this be.

I find it rather disturbing that a young man fell from his bike and instead of another human being rush to his assistance and be the good Samaritans that we are suppose to be, he found that his iPhone and wallet was taken from him by a supposedly good Samaritan, not only was this young man unconscious, but by the time the police reached him he was robbed.

Each day the human race disgust me more we have failed our fellow brethren at every turn there is no longer any compassion within us and what we have effectively done is to allow the devil into our minds and our heart and soul and he has taken control of some of us in such a way.

I however, have faith that there is a change coming to all of us and I am reminded when a friend lost his wallet at Gatwick Airport, he had money, credit card, bank card and the decent individual that found it not only called him to let him know he found the wallet, but patiently waited until he got back to the airport to collect it.  The most amazing thing was that he did not even want any kind of reward.

That good Samaritan is what the world need, he demonstrates that money was not his be all and his only concern was that my friend was put back into position of his belongings.  The grace of God his with that man he has opened up the door for great things to happen in his life because of his integrity, honesty and an all around decent human being.

By Sandrea: My Opinion