The media report that the conservative coalition government has lost the vote regarding a referendum on the UK membership of the European Union, comes as no surprise.

Politics should be about the people and not about an individual personality and that is something which seems to allude a minor section of modern day politicians.

In order to understand why this so-called referendum that the PM want to hold is rather ridiculous we need to differentiate between the EU and the EEC. England and the rest of the UK joined the European Union 1 November 1993, and the European Economic Community 1 January 1973.

The European Union is a political union in which the member states are supposed to succeed sovereignty to the EU.  However the UK did not join the Euro or have we given up our sovereignty to them.  Importantly, there was not a referendum held before we join, that was a political decision that was made by the government of the day, so if become a little bit self-serving that now when we have been a member for close to 20 years that the PM suddenly decide that the citizens of the UK should now decide whether we want to stay in the union.

In any massive venture such as the European Union there are bound to be some policies that a country such as the UK would find inappropriate to their way of life, but overall we have benefit from being a member of the EU and when according to report we gain £400bn per year in trade with our EU partners, the question is if we decide to leave the EU as Cameron would like us to do where would be turn to get that kind of trade from.

There is no reason for the UK to leave the EU, we cannot as an Island stand alone and irrespective of some of the faults that may exist in the EU as a member we are able to have our say in how the policies are formulated and if necessary we opt out of those that we believe that are counterproductive to our community.

The majority of those that vote down this idiotic policy realize that not only do we need the EU but they need us as well and they are not willing to put the UK back into the dark ages and that as a country we need to be part of the union.

Of course there are those that are only too willing to see us opt out of the union and it is not for the good of the country but for their own selfish reasons and they are in the minority as demonstrate by the vote today, and all that we can say is thank God that there are still individuals with a lot of common sense.

By Sandrea: My Opinion