By Sandrea:  My Opinion

Where is the black outrage over Thusha’s shooting?

I take exception to the headline about our outraged as to the shooting of Thusha, and that somehow we are in league with these stupid and idiotic fools who are running around the capital with their trigger happy attitude.

A child was shot and paralysed and if anyone thinks for one moment that the black community endorse this type of action then they really do not know the black community very well.  We were not raised to go around and shoot children and the three ‘black’ men that were convicted for this heinous crime was not raised that way either.

I will not condone the actions of these thugs but part of the problem that allowed these individual to behave in counterproductive manner is the erosion of parental power by the government and parents no longer have the ability to discipline their children and these children are left to run riot within our community without having to listen to the advice of their parents.

Older Caribbean people who came to this country understand discipline, we were raised to respect our elders, and we were given clips around the ear when we step out of line and because every adult was technically our parent we had to demonstrate a level of respect whenever were in their company whether it was our teachers, pastors, police officers it did not matter so long an adult was around you had to be on your best behaviour.

This country has taken away the rights of parents to instil discipline they have curtailed the way we raised our children, you cannot spank a child, and you cannot speak to them in a raised voice, now that these children supposedly know their rights parent have no control over them.  If you try to discipline them they call either social service or the police, so how can you ensure that these children do not end up being murders when the control have been taken away.

Why would one make a comment such as “about a thousand people attended Duggan’s funeral, as though his death were akin to the assassination of Martin Luther King. How many of them will contribute to Thusha’s appeal fund as she contemplates life in a wheelchair”?  This is a disgraceful assassination on the integrity of the black community.  Irrespective of how Duggan die and whatever crimes he may have committed his family did not condone is actions but he was still somebody’s child just as Thusha is.

As for the comment “how much black people will contribute to Thusha fund” I imagine quite a few.  I take exception to these blatant and unreasonable comments about the black community, and I am equally certain that the majority of decent black people will be livid at having their character trashed in this way.

We accept the fact that stabbing and knife crime is rampant in the country and the majority of the black community have no problem with the police stopping and searching young people what they are opposed to is the targeting of specific groups.  It is not only blacks that commit crime and if the police service wants the cooperation of, in particular the black community they have to treat every group fairly and without racial bias.

Crime is not a black thing it is something that ever community have experience, it was not blacks that blow up the World Trade Centre, they are not responsible for the constant terrorist and suicide bombings.

Every community that is plague with crime have to work together to ensure that we do not have another child gunned down simply for playing, and if we focus on crime itself rather than constantly attributing blame to particular group then we might be able to curtail the number of crimes and criminal activities that our communities have to endure on a daily basis.