Following media reports that MP’s are to investigate the ‘air quality’ in London, or as it is aptly named ‘the invisible killer’. One has to wonder what is really new about this problem.

There is no doubt, from reading the information that is out there, that the pollution and the air quality in and around London is ghastly, just asked those who suffer from Asthma.  However, this is not fresh news to the individuals that has been suffering for years simply because of the quality of air they breathe.  Air that is supposed to keep us alive is now killing us because of how polluted it has become.

The thing that really annoys me is the fact that everything that is detrimental to human beings can never be achievable from a pro-active stance, it is always done whenever an election is looming and the polls are not in favour of the government and suddenly they are falling over themselves to put things right. Once again we are supposed to be that stupid that we do not know what they are trying to do.

According to news reports the Environmental Audit Committee warned about four years ago that urgent action was necessary in order to deal effectively with this problem.  Furthermore, the Capital was breaching the European Union safety limits in respect of air pollution and apparently we are still in breach of them.

It is important to note that most likely the reasons that the MP’s are now jumping over themselves to investigate this problem, in my opinion, could it be that it is because Chelsea, Kensington and Westminster were named as having the most polluted man-made air.  These are areas that favour the rich and some of the most affluent people living in London and they are not going to stand by whilst the air around them could kill their families, therefore poor air quality will certainly not be tolerated by these individuals.

There can be no justification for having almost four thousand estimated deaths linked to air pollution. This is the 21 century and with the technology we have at our disposal there should be no way that quality of air we breathe becomes so polluted.

Pollution of our air is a by-product of human greed, the need to accumulate vast fortune at the expense of our health and our planet.  We are our biggest threat and we will eventually destroy ourselves.  Polluted air is only the tip of the iceberg, human being is on a slippery slope to extinction simply because we have failed to recognise that Mother Earth will not allow us to destroy her she will rain terror on us and destroy us first.

By Sandrea: My Opinion