There is no doubt that individuals that are childless believe that one way of achieving the joys of parenthood is by the use of a surrogate and that is their ticket to becoming parents.

It would be wrong for individuals that find it easy to conceive and bear children to be against those who seek to become parents by means that we sometimes find deplorable or to condemn those would be parents for the methods they use to have a child.

However, as being reported in the media India have tighten is surrogacy laws, they have issued rules barring foreign gays and single people from using surrogate Indian women to become parents.  It is understandable that India would take such steps and one should agree with the decision that have been taken in order to protect the poor and vulnerable in their society.

In every aspect of human beings dealings, there are always going to be those that buck the systems in order to facilitate their needs, but the overwhelming aspect of acquiring a child through surrogacy must be effectively undertaken and when you are dealing with poverty then it becomes easy to be counterproductive.

No one can fully understand the trauma that childless couples experience and some time trying to adopt proven so difficult for them and when any country offer a way out they will be more than willing to take the risk.

But, as stated there have been several publicized cases of babies born out of cross-border surrogacy who have been trapped in citizenship limbo.  There should be absolutely clear laws in both the country the child will be born in and the country where the potential parents are from, otherwise the person who really loses out is a child that did not ask to be born but is left in a situation created by others.

There is every reason to believe that surrogacy have an important part to play in our society, but let’s ensure it is done correctly, legally and not in some back alley, whereas the popular coined phrase “rent a womb” becomes an exploitation of poor young women.

By Sandrea: My Opinion