As the news that a Utah six-grader is being held in juvenile detention for carrying a gun into his school, we are now seeing what happens when the innocence of childhood is lost.

According to the media information this eleven year old told his school administrators, he brought the weapon to defend himself should an attack like the one at the Connecticut elementary school which kill twenty-six people including twenty children, occurs.

He allegedly waves then gun at other pupils during the morning recess.  In the possession of a 22 calibre handgun, brandishing it about, he could have easily hurt one of his fellow students, furthermore adding that his parents sent him to school armed, of which the parents totally denied.

The innocent of our school children have been severely damage following the number of violence that have been perpetrated on them.  It becomes, and should be a frightening aspect of society if children deemed it necessary to begin carrying guns to school because they believe they need to protect themselves from potential attack.

The Connecticut school shooting not only affect the lives of everyone touched by this tragedy, but the fallout has gone way beyond the realm of Connecticut and is having a devastating effect on the psyche of children in other school environment.

The authority may view this as an isolated incident, but these are the kinds of problems which escalates out of control.  How many more six-graders are going to feel the same way, especially in families where the children are aware that their parents or family members is in the position of the guns.  It is time that we take a proactive method of dealing with these incidents rather that a reactive one and only wait until they go out of control and impact negatively on our community.

As a society we must recognize that when twenty-six people including twenty children are killed in our school environment then this send shock waves throughout the entire education environment.  Although this juvenile, will be most likely charged with possession of a dangerous weapon and assault on other students, the onus is on authority not to ignore or dismiss this as a one off occurrence, but do undertake further investigation to determine how many children could potentially armed themselves to go to school.

By Sandrea: My Opinion