This is one of the most disgraceful and diabolical case of selfishness that I have come across and one that demonstrate the inhumanity that human beings are capable of performing.

The conviction of Mick Philpott 56, and his 32-year-old wife Mairead at Nottingham Crown Court for the manslaughter of their six children may have given the community some measure of peace and even justice for the innocent lives that they have taken, but in my opinion they should have been charged with murder.

Irrespective of their motives for setting that fire which took the children’s lives, there can be no justification for that kind of behavior and no amount of so-called sobbing by the pair can every soften the heart of a nation that find it rather hard to believe that parents could have been capable of such callousness.

What I find extremely hard to wrap my head around is the fact that this man was capable of convincing his wife to go through with such a ridiculous plan and she did not have the ability to recognize that she was not just putting her life at risk but those of six innocent children and a mother is supposed to be very protected of their young, even animals demonstrate a greater protection for their young than this so-called mother.

From everything that the media report about this Mick Philpott, he is portrayed as a calculating, controlling bigot who believe that he was entitled to have 17 children with five different women and the state as an obligation to pick up the tab.  He did not go out to work to maintain his children, he was an able-bodied man and yet he was under the illusion that he should be kept by taxpayer hard earned money.

It would appear that this individual will always be getting from the state more than he put in, now that he will certainly go to prison for his crime, of course the prison system will have to house and feed him once again, I hope that both of them are given life for this horrendous crime as they should never be allowed to be the parent of any other children.

Granted there are still eleven children that Mick Philpott still remains their father, one have to ask what effect this will have on them and whether the parents of those children are counting themselves lucky that they escape this horrendous individual, and how will these children cope knowing their siblings were murdered by the father who should have taken care of them.

Quite frankly, no amount of a prison sentence that the court gives these two will ever be enough for the horrific crime they committed.  We can only hope that the judicial service will ensure that neither of these individual ever see freedom again and that they will live the rest of their lives seeing the faces of those six innocent lives that they taken simply for selfish and self-absorbed gains.

By Sandrea: My Opinion