It as been reported that the United Kingdom and France are considering recalling their ambassadors to Israel over its controversial plans to build 3000 homes in the West Bank.

It is obvious that Israel is furious that the Palestinians were recognized at the UN, when they win non-member status, and in retaliation Israel decided to make this rather counterproductive move.

Israel for years have received the backing of many countries including the UK, in that it believes that terrorist actions by fanatical Palestinians were unwarranted, however this action on the Israeli part will be condemned and they are going to find that real action will be taken against them should they proceed with the building of these homes.

In order to ensure lasting peace in the region the decision by the United Nation was indeed a productive one and the Israeli should be welcoming the move and see it as a way of reaching out to the Palestinians in an amicable way in order to broker the peace necessary for both country and its citizens to live peacefully.  Instead their action will make it difficult for the Palestinians to create a viable state.

After years of conflict why would Israel behave in such a dogmatic manner, it is if they prefer the war more than the need for peace. Given the carnage that was inflicted on the Jewish people during the second world war, one would assume that this Jewish state would pull out the stops to ensure that they live in peace with their neighbours instead of undertaking actions that could continue the feud.

For the UK to summon the Israeli ambassador to talk, and stating that they deplore the proposal and threatened strong reaction is an indication that even a strong ally like Britain realized that what the Israeli is proposing would put the viability of a two-state solution in jeopardy.

The Israeli should reverse their decisions otherwise they are likely to find themselves isolated by the very allies that have supported them for so long.  The world need peace and in especially this so close to the celebration of our Lord and Saviour, if there is any Christian belief in Israel they should not continue with this clearly unpopular plan.

By Sandrea: My Opinion