According to a research report violence plays a role in short US life expectancy, which is really not surprising.

A country with over 310 million of its citizens in possession of firearms cannot be in the least surprise that deaths related to guns would not be increasingly high.

There is no doubt that US citizens take their rights to bear arms very seriously and therefore it stands to reason that in cases where individuals would verbally discuss dispute there is the tendency to pull out one’s gun to make a point.

However, in my opinion I do not believe that the issue of guns is a lost cause in the United States.  The fact that just before the Christmas holidays 26 people including 20 children have been massacred in a gun related incident, this I believe has awaken the US citizens to the realization that something fundamental as to be done about the number of privately owned guns.

It becomes a rather worrying aspects when the life expectancy of a citizen in a wealthy country such as the US is lower because of a gun culture that robs individuals of their life and is not the norm in any other affluent country.  When one looks at the report as stated in the media, it should cause concern among the American population in that they have the highest rate of firearms among peer countries higher level of poverty especially young children and plague with obesity.

This is suppose to be the biggest democracy in the world and as such they need to demonstrate that as world leader they are capable of putting their house in order, they have the ability to portray a model society that the rest of the world can follow and if they fail to do so then as the years go by they will be relegated to little more than third world status and that will be a sad day for democracy.

By Sandrea: My Opinion