It would appear that not even an idyllic place like Switzerland is immune from gun crimes.

Reports in the media have indicated that a shooting in Switzerland has left three women dead and two men wounded.

It has been suggested that an unemployed man on disability payment opened fire from his apartment, chased people in the street.  The suspect that is now in police custody, was said to be armed with a Swiss military rifle and handgun.

There has been suggestions that it is not unusual for Swiss to be in possession of weapons as the Alpine country  has at least 2.3 million weapons among a population of less than 8 million, the authorities have also indicated that firearms are involved in nearly a quarter of the 1,100 suicide that occur each year in Switzerland.

This latest shooting is a painful reminder that a gunman killed 14 people at a city meeting in Zug 2001, and was Swtitzerland worst shooting incident to date.

There are genuine reasons for individuals to be in possession of guns, but when any country has so many of its citizens armed then it stands to reason that among those will be individuals that have deep psychological problems that may not be displayed to an unsuspecting public and when they snap we are only too aware of the consequences.

We have seen this kind of violence far too often and less we forget there are 26 families in Connecticut that is painfully aware of the devastation that happen when guns falls in the wrong hands.

Society need to clean up their act and seriously tackled the problems associated with guns, because if we do not then we are destined to see a repeat of these incidents over and over and how long before this become a worldwide counterproductive plague.

By Sandrea: My Opinion