By Sandrea: My Opinion

After watching the You Tube video entitled KONY 2012, I feel duty bound to become a part of the campaign that is asking the international community to find this dictator and bring him to justice for the atrocities that he has committed against the Ugandan people.

It is time like these that we have to come together and prevent individuals like Joseph Kony from destroying the very fabric of society.  He is a egomaniac who believes that he has the power over life and death and the manner in which people should live their lives, and because he has been getting away with these atrocities that he did to the Ugandans he believes that he his invisible and cannot be bought before the International courts to answer for his crimes against humanity.

It is unbelievable that an individual could commit such crimes and is not well known in the West, even though he is named as the International Criminal Court’s most wanted war criminal.  This is the price we pay for not paying attention to what is occurring in other parts of the world and in particular the African countries.

I feel ashamed that it took an article in the newspaper to alert me to the fact that this evil person existed, a person who has no compunction in kidnapping young children and use them as soldiers in his self obsessed war.

I agree with The Invisible Children campaign proposal to blanket streets with “Kony 2012” posters on April 20 in the hope US political leaders will cede to public pressure and send military to speed the warlord’s arrest.

The Invisible Children campaigner must be congratulated on taking the risk, even putting their own lives at stake in order to bring pressure to bear on their government to do something in order to find and arrest this vile and downright disgusting person.

I have included the You Tube video which has been watched by so many people, along with my comments on this heart rending topic.