Following media reports that a British woman arrested in Indonesia for drug smuggling could face the death penalty, one has to ask how incredibly idiotic human beings are.

It is no secret that countries such as Indonesia and other Asian countries have very strict laws when it comes to drug smuggling and most carry the death penalty for such criminal act, so why would anyone in their right mind would risk their life, liberty and put their families through such a ghastly experience to be caught smuggling drugs.

The lure of easy cash has been often too tempting to those who are either in poverty are find themselves in a precarious situation where they believe that the only way out is to smuggle drugs.  There is, and can never be any justification for drug smuggling and in particular areas in the world where you know that if you get caught the chances are you could face the death penalty.

Why would anyone allowed themselves to get caught up in the Indonesia judicial system for smuggling 1.47grams of drugs and according to the reports because the drugs is over 5grams this individual could be put to death.

I find these kind of report extremely disturbing as I cannot comprehend why any individual with a minuscule of common sense would allow themselves to get involved in such a counterproductive activity which see them fighting to safe their very life.

When you travel to that part of the world you are constantly warned not to get involved with drugs or drug smuggling and I wonder what part of that does people do not understand, it is not worth it. The world does not have the amount of money that would tempt me to be or become a drug smuggler.  If  human beings view money as, like the Pope stated a few days ago, that money should serve not rule, and because as a race we allow money to rule these are the reasons why individuals continue to find themselves in a situation such as this.

We just have to hope that the Indonesia authority, if this individual is convicted of the drug smuggling will be sympathetic in sparing her life, and hope that although there are some mitigating reasons for her acting  so foolishly and that will be taken into account when and if she faces the courts.

By Sandrea: My Opinion