Listed below are quotes and opinions that I  have shared with my friends and family, and I would like to share them with a wider audience.

Never take out of life what you are not prepared to put in, never do to others what you do not wish to happen to you, keep your friends close with trust, honesty and loyalty. Stand up in love; do not fall because when you fall is never easy to get back up.

Expectation is the mother of confusion. When we do not achieve what we expected we become disappointed, but if we go through life accepting the ups and downs without expecting anything either way then we never become disappointed, we never fail and we will live a rich and effective life free of heartache and stress.

Our past is our anchor, but do not let it weight you down, learn from it and if you make mistakes never justify them accept that as human beings we are fallible, fragile and sometimes naive. My past is helping me to come to terms with the fact that our lives are not what they really crack up to be but as long as we can be honest with ourselves, there are no mountains high enough that we cannot climb and no river deep enough to stop us crossing and if we add God in the middle of all our woes he provides the answers to all questions.

Wherever you are it is your friends that make your world. I am blessed with the most amazing friends that God sees fit to grant me with, I want you all to know that you have enriched my life, make me a strong and independent person and the greatest gift of all is that without you guys in my life it would be an empty place. Thank you all and to the new ones and the ones who have come back after many years, love you all.

Sometimes the road gets rocky, sometimes you stumble even fall but the testimony of your strength his knowing that God hands are always there to lift you up. Whatever this world may throw at you always remember that prayer is the key to defeat any demons. May the grace of the almighty God shine is everlasting protection upon you all today and bring peace where there is strife, love where there is anger and comfort in the face of all adversities.

Dear Lord, today and everyday let me go through this world with dignity and integrity and along the way if I fell let me fall with dignity and integrity and always surround me with the best family and friends that ever walk this planet.  I thank you God for putting me amongst them all.

As we go through our lives we make decisions that affect not just our lives but the lives of those around us. So think before you made a decision and weigh up the pros and cons because any decisions that you make which affect others should never be made lightly.

Life is full of adversity and overcoming them is the strength of your character, meet them head on don’t ignore them and more importantly do not let them overwhelm you. Just remember that God so loves the world that he gave his only begotten son and that is the ultimate sacrifice, if he could make that sacrifice for us, failure should never be an option.

By Sandrea