As human beings we have a responsibility for our actions, if and when we go against protocol or commit criminal offenses.

However, irrespective of whether private Bradley Manning committed the criminal act that he his held in custody for the authority have an obligation to ensure that is confinement is as humane as possible.

It has been reported that a judge ruled during a pretrial hearing that the authorities went too far in their strict confinement of PFC Manning. The judge further added that the confinement was more rigorous than necessary, and that the conditions became excessive in relation to legitimate government interest.

Bradley Manning faces 22 charges which include aiding the enemy.  But we have to bear in mind that regardless of the charges he has not been convicted of any criminal acts and therefore to treat him so disrespectful goes beyond any decency and is rather unbecoming of a security service which is supposed to undertake their responsibilities without prejudice.

It is therefore understandable that the supporters of PFC Manning believe that the ruling should be much stronger and would make the military think twice about mistreating the next American soldier awaiting trial.

There are some individuals that have the capability to see the truth and suppress it, but there are those who feel that in the interest of the public they are duty-bound to put into the public domain information regarding government activities.  Whether we agree or disagreeing with the manner in which they go about doing so they should nevertheless be treated with respect and dignity especially if they are not convicted of any criminal acts.

By Sandrea: My Opinion