By Sandrea: My Opinion

Two decades ago we would take our privacy serious and would do everything in our power to protect our private life.  However in today’s age of technological explosion privacy is getting more and more a thing of the past and that is a concern of mine.

Every aspect of our lives is open to prying eyes, London have the most camera trained on us and maybe that could be classified as a good thing because it will allow the security forces to be able to catch criminal when they commit especially street  crimes, but how far are we prepared to go to leave our privacy behind?

I got more concerned about privacy following an article that I read regarding a comment made by Apple the makers of the iPhone, iPads, and iPods

Two US lawmakers have asked Apple whether the “apps” running on the company’s devices may be accessing private data without asking users.  Their response is that “Apps that collect or transmit a user’s contact data without their prior permission are in violation of our guidelines”.

I do not believe that any provider of technology can really fool us anymore, we are fully aware that our private life is like an open book, we now have all these social network with we subscribe to and there information is stored on us, every time we accept any form of credit information is stored and that is why there is such a thing as ‘credit scoring’ where companies can access information regarding the manner in which we expedite our debts.

Technologies as blown our privacy world apart and like Pandora’s Box we have open this floodgate and there is no way that it will ever be closed.  I was astonished when my daughter showed me that using Google map she could pinpoint my house right to the front door, as they said it was ‘up close and personal’.

What have we got in our life that is now private?  Even though Apple state that data that is given without permission are violation of guidelines, the key word is guidelines, it may be a violation of guidelines, not the law.

I have no problems with technology per say, and I realized that if we are to evolve we have make breakthrough in technology, science, medicine, etc, but are we willing to forgo our privacy to enable these advances, and if we do where will it stop.

It would appear that the more technological gadgets we depend on the more our privacy is eroded and I just wonder whether we could have both the technology and privacy, or is this just a pipe dream of mine and our privacy is gone forever.