As reported in the media the Prosecutor in the Pistorius murder trial picked apart piece by piece the evidence that he laid before the court.

It is never a good thing for anyone to judge another person’s guilt or innocence, especially in a case where one was not present and we are relying on evidence given by a ream of different people.  However, as human beings, we have the ability to think and form our own opinions based on the information that we have been given so far.

In my opinion, there is something that has not sit right with me ever since this unfortunate incident occur and although I am waiting for the courts to determine guilt or innocence, the human side of me is leaning in one particular way, more so than the other.

Less we forget, irrespective of whatever side we choose the overwhelming fact remains that a young woman lost her life and is no longer around to testify as to what really happen to her and we should not forget that fact and more so the fact that a family is left wondering what happen to their loved one.

There is always grief attached to the lost of life and it is compounded when there are no clear reasons as to why this occur.  We may feel that Pistorius is to be blamed or this was indeed an accident and therefore as define an accident is an unplanned event and if this is the case should he be punished.  On the other hand, some may believe that this was murder and regardless of his standing in the community, he must pay for this criminal act.

I hope that the truth of the matter will be effectively outlined in the court so that the family of this young girl will get some sense of closure and be able to somehow get on with the rest of their lives.

By Sandrea: My Opinion