The perceptions that human beings are perfect is nothing more than a fallacy, in fact it is a pipe dream.

It is important that as human beings we recognize the fact that we will and never will be perfect, we were according to the bible and David’s perception he stated that in sin did my mother conceive me, which in my interpretation is that even in our mother’s womb we are not perfect.

The media report regarding Boris Johnson so-called infidelity in which he fathered a child outside of his marriage should not be a surprise to anyone, after all he is a mere mortal and as such we are all susceptible to making mistakes some that society sees as disgraceful and fly in the face of what we believe is decent.

As a species we have in our own self-centered ways have elevated other human beings to godlike status and we fail to see their infallibilities and when they fall off the pedestal that we put them on we find it extremely difficult to deal with the fall out because we cannot believe that these individuals are capable of going outside the norm.

We seem to have this urge within us to put celebrities, musicians, politicians and other public figure up rather higher than they really should be and we do not expect them to make mistakes or go through the normal everyday process that most of us take for granted.  If a celebrity has an extra-martial affair it is splashed all over the media as if they are not entitled to fall along the wayside like anyone else.

Human beings by nature are full of insecurities they make tremendous mistakes and they also have the ability to pull themselves back out of the ashes like the phoenix and rise about whatever problem they face.

Let us not judge another for their infallibilities but work towards removing some of the obstacles that as human beings we have to get over, although some section of society sees what Boris Johnson did as not the norm and according to the media the public is forgiving where he is concerned, it simply because there is recognition that we are just imperfect beings and we will always make mistakes. Try the new Raspberry ketone plus

By Sandrea: My Opinion