According to a recent media report ordinary people, or to put it bluntly the poorest of our society can no longer afford to live in Central London because of the high cost of rental property.

There is no surprise here for the vast majority of destitute people how are aware that under this coalition government they are virtually priced out of just about everything.  They can barely afford food, clothing, and now a place to live.

Capitalism may be a great thing for a few but it is the detriment of society.  We are not under any illusion we need businesses and multi-national corporation, but mostly what we do need from them is the integrity to spread the wealth of the nation much more evenly and they seem to lose the concept to do so.

Central London may be the focus of the housing crisis but this is not unique to this area of the capital, all over the country housing is in a dire state and those that are at the bottom of the pile are hit the hardest and more and more people are being made homeless and before long this will become such an epidemic that we will put our environment at great risk.

The housing crisis is going to be devastated to the majority of people given the latest round of government intervention.  Poor people are no longer allowed to have a spare room, their housing benefit will be slashed and they will now have to pay extra for any room that they have in their home that according to the government is unoccupied.  This is yet another noose around the most fragile of our environment.

It is unbelievable that in this the 21st century we still have a government that is  hell-bent on put the population back into the dark ages.  What gives them the right to say that they are entitled to have as many so called spare rooms as they want because they are supposedly rich and yet a person on a low income is not to be afforded the same privilege.

The policy that they have ill-thought out is going to put a great deal of constraints on families as they seem to forget that people have extended family and there are times when a family member would like to spend time with their relative and they are saying that you should not have a spare room in which to accommodate family members, such as grandchildren, brother or sister or even a friend, how 14 centuries.

How can it be that any section of the capital can be labelled a ‘no go area’, especially in terms of housing.  It is unbelievable that according to the report rents in central London have gone passed £5,000 per month and it does not take Einstein to figure out that the vast majority of ordinary people cannot afford that amount for rent.  What as happen to our society when we can have a landlord profiting off the most vulnerable.

By Sandrea: My Opinion