The media report that the man who hacked into the accounts of some Hollywood stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera and Mila Kunis as been sentenced to ten years.

Intrusion into people private lives is a despicable act and one that should not be tolerated, and it is an encouraging sign to see that the judge in this case has demonstrated by the sentenced given that society see these kinds of criminal activity abhorrent.

Hacking into people personal information then releasing unauthorized information about them damage individual and a cruel act to bestow upon anyone whether they are a celebrity or just the ordinary person.  It is bad enough that our lives are less private than we would wish it to be, but it is made even more difficult when it is an  intrusion without our consent or knowledge.

The actions of Christopher Chaney are in my opinion that of an online predator who sole purpose is to use the information that was illegally acquired to embarrass  others.  As the report further added that two other female victim that was subjected to his deranged behaviour, one was left with anxiety and panic attacks and the other depressed and paranoid.

Having pleaded guilty to nine felony counts including wiretapping and unauthorized access to a computer, once can only imagine that if the authority did not catch him how far would his predatory behaviour could have gone, how many more lives would he ruin, would he have stopped at the intrusion, who really knows how far this individual would have been prepared to go, we can only imagine.

I hope the sentence he receive will deter others with the same propensity to intrude in the lives of others, think twice about their actions, know that society no longer wish to tolerate their counterproductive and inhumane attitudes and regardless of the fact that we are now in the technological age and more and more people’s lives are on their personal computers, that it is called personal for a reason and that they expect privacy of their information.

By Sandrea: My Opinion